Utility to Deactivate/Activate all Events

Download the attached Event Processor utility. This utility can be used to deactivate events before deploying the patch, and then activate them after deployment. Please follow the below steps to execute this utility:

Steps for Execution of Event Processor utility: 

  1. Unzip the utility in the AdeptiaSuite-<version>\bin folder of Adeptia Suite installation directory.
  2. Provide the required details in the events.properties file present in \etc folder of the utility.
  3. There are 4 executable files present in utility. Select the executable based on OS and the process Activate/Deactivate that you want to perform. For example, use EventProcessorDeactivate.bat for Deactivating the Events in Windows environment.
  4. When the utility will be executed a file named DeactivatedEvents.log containing details of all deactivated events will be created in utility folder. Contents of this file would be used during Activation of events.
  5. A debug application.log file will be created with following naming “output_<date> <time>.log” that can be used for debugging purpose if something goes wrong.
  6. If any error occurs then respective to it an "ErrorOutEvents_<date> <time>.log" will be created.


  • The Activation of events is totally dependent on the content of file DeactivatedEvents.log. Make sure this file isn't tampered until Event Activation process is completed. This file will be automatically deleted once Activation process is finished.
  • Make sure utility has appropriate RWX permissions.
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