Publish REST Web Service API in minutes

In this use case we will publish a process flow as a RESTful API using Adeptia Suite's Web Service Provider.

Call a Mapping Service through an API call and get the results.



Client sends a request via RESTful API to get Patient profile by sending a Patient ID and receives a derived result back from a mashup of different services that are executed as part of an orchestration.

In this example an external service that is also being executed as part of this orchestration is Salesforce SOAP Web Service which takes the incoming REST Request parameter and queries the matching account  in Salesforce CRM and sends the result. You can add additional services such as pulling data from a database and other backend systems and merging them into the response. The result is sent back as a RESTful API response to the client.

Idea of providing a simple public-interfacing  REST API allows your external clients to request and get data from your cloud and enterprise applications without having to go through the complexity of learning how to interact with these system’s native APIs.

Orchestrations published as a REST API can be used as a wrapper with simple methods that can be consumed by your external clients to interact with your applications. The orchestration would contain multiple system connections and data mappings needed to derive the result requested by the client.

Goal of this example is to use it as a working template to expand on your orchestration steps and include other system interactions with databases, Web Services or APIs.

 You can download the attached deployable REST API in your local Adeptia instance. Also refer to the video and the walk-through document for more details on how to run the solution and how it was built.

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