Integration of Salesforce with SAP

As part of this orchestration scenario the solution will extract Contracts from Salesforce and post them into SAP’s Accounting module. Specifically Billing Post record in SAP Accounting. Similarly using this process as a template you can design a reverse process to get data from SAP and push the updates into Salesforce.




 Adeptia ESB Suite provides bidirectional communication and works with SAP technologies such as:

- Intermediate Documents (IDocs)

- Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs)

- SAP Java Connector (JCo)

Adeptia ESB Suite has connector for Salesforce. It uses following connection method:

- Salesforce WSDL (SOAP)

Refer to the attached deployable solution that can be loaded into your Adeptia instance using the Migration Utility. Also refer to the walk-through document that explains the solution in detail.


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