Updating SQL jar in Adeptia Suite 6.9.8 with Frevvo v7.3.2

This forum post will be applicable if you are using the Rich Form v7.3.2 in Adeptia Suite 6.9.8.

In case, you are using SQL as a backend database then it is mandatory to change the jar. The compatible version of SQL jar (mssql-jdbc-6.1.4.jre8-preview.jar) with Rich Form 7.3.2 can be downloaded from this forum post. The Steps to change the jar file are written below:

  1. Stop Kernel and WebRunner. 
  2. Go to the  .../<AdeptiaInstallFolder>\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\dependency\common
  3. Search and delete the 'mssql-jdbc-7.4.1.jre8.jar' jar.
  4. Now, copy the jar (mssql-jdbc-6.1.4.jre8-preview.jar) which you have downloaded and paste it here.

After updating the jar, you need to replace the jar entry in the KernelClasspath.txt and WebRunnerClasspath.txt files. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the  .../<AdeptiaInstallFolder>\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\etc
  2. Open txt and WebRunnerClasspath.txtfiles.
  3. Replace the 'mssql-jdbc-7.4.1.jre8.jar' jar entry to 'mssql-jdbc-6.1.4.jre8-preview.jar'.
  4. Save the files. 
  5. Start Kernel and WebRunner. 
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