Send file content as a body to REST Consumer.

Situation:- We would like to send file content (like XML, JSON etc) as a body to Rest Consumer which is using POST method. 

Solution:- We need to refer below basic steps to check whether we are able to get the response using Adeptia:-

  1. Firstly, try to use file content as a body for this REST consumer URL in any third-party tool like SOAP UI, PostMan, etc and check whether you are getting the correct response or not using these tools.
  2. Once you are able to get the desired outcome from Step 1 then try to create a test process flow and use the below activities in it.
    Context Source > Put-context-var > REST webservice Consumer > Context Target.
  3. Define the Parameter as restRequest in Context Source and restResponse as Context Target. For more info on this refer the below docs:-
  4. Define the value of the variable restRequest in Put-context-var. In the value, use the complete file content as a body to this consumer.

If we are able to fetch the response correctly then we can use it in any complex implementations by referring to above use case.

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