Error While Connecting to ODATA connection.

Issue:- We are getting an error while connecting to an Odata connection. When we use the same properties in Excel, it works fine.


Connection could not be established. Either database connection properties are 
incorrect or database is down. Try again with correct properties.

Driver =cdata.jdbc.odata.ODataDriver$cdata.jdbc.odata.jar
URL = jdbc:odata:user=UserName;password=*******;URL=ODATAURL;
User ID =Error while establishing connection to "OData" application through Rss Connector.
Reason: XcoreXodataX160X6121.tnd: HTTP protocol error. 401 Unauthorized.

Solution:- The URL format to connect with ODATA is shown below:-

jdbc:odata:user=<<UserName>>;password=<<Password>>;URL=ODATAURL;Auth Scheme=BASIC;

We have added "Auth Scheme=BASIC" parameter to JDBC URL.

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