How to pass data from Parent to Child Flow in Adeptia Connect?

Use Case:

This Use Case is created to pass a data stream from Parent to Child Process Flow. This use case will include detailed instructions that have to be followed in Parent and Child Process Flows for passing the data stream.

We have created one example to describe the use case and How the requirement can be achieved. In this example, we are creating a simple Parent and Child Process Flow and will pass the data stream from Parent to Child flows.


Parent Flow: In this flow, we are using a LAN Source activity (HL7DataFile) for source data and pass this data to a Context Target and then to Child action.


  • In Context Target, define the Parameter Name as 'output'. The parameter name can be defined as per the requirement. This variable is used as a conduit to pass the data to the child flow.


  • Now, in Child Action, select your Child process flow in Child PF field. 


  • And in Variables > Input > Child PF, set the value of Key field as 'output' and Child Key field value as 'mydata'.




Child Flow: In this flow, the first activity is a Context Source, whose data has been passed to a LAN target.


  • In Context Source, define its Parameter name as 'mydata'.



The Important take away is, put the data into a variable ('output') in the parent flow and then via child action pass that variable into the child flow's variable 'mydata'.


The Sample Flow XMLs is also attached along with this use case ( ParentFlow.xml and ChildFlow.xml ). These XMLs can be uploaded in the Process Designer by clicking on the open locally saved process flow icon. Please see below screenshot how to import the Locally Saved Process Flow.


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