Kernel is not starting or stuck.


We have Stopped Adeptia services to Update the Licenses but after license Activation the Kernel is getting stuck or not started. We also tried Killing the Java instances but that doens't solve the issue.

This issue may arise in other situations as well where you tried to Reboot the services but when you try to start the services again but Kernel is getting terminated intantly or gets stuck.

Please check if below Error is coming in the KernelApplication.log file.


 initializeEvent com.adeptia.indigo.event.QuartzEventFactory.getJobDataMap( - ||||administrators|||||admin|Error while retrieving meta-data for job 145087018114152084077337100003:Event_Name[Couldn't retrieve job because the BLOB couldn't be deserialized: ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number with name "" too small



When you are able to see the above error the there must be an entry for the event 'Event_Name' in the quartz database table. You need to remove the entry of this from the table. You need to connect to the backend database and you will find the entry of the event 'Event_Name' in the table ABPM_SIMPLE_TRIGGERS, ABPM_TRIGGERS, ABPM_JOB_DETAILS.

You need to execute below queries to remove the entry of this faulty Event from the Quartz Database:-

delete from ABPM_SIMPLE_TRIGGERS where trigger_name like '%Event_Name%'
delete from ABPM_TRIGGERS where trigger_name like '%Event_Name%'
delete from ABPM_JOB_DETAILS where job_name like '%Event_Name%'

If there are any specific Recovery files for the same event then you need to remove those files from the recovery folder present at the below location:-


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