Getting false while connecting with Salesforce.

Issue:- The SalesForce connector is not working. After entering the SalesForce username and password and trying to login to Sandbox the output return is 'false'.


Error:- org.glassfish.jersey.client.ClientRequest.writeEntity Error while committing the request output stream. AdeptiaHostID(Connect Portal URL of client)


Cause:- The cause of this issue can be as below:-

1. TLS1.2 should be enabled at your end as the Salesforce integration need TLS1.2 support. To check/Enable the TLS support, follow the below forum:-


2. If Step1 doesn't resolve the issue then this can be a firewall issue. This error is caused as is blocked by the firewall/network at the client end. The client-server doesn't allow the to write the output stream as the Adeptia server ( was not able to reach out to the client end. The network should allow inbound connections to their environment from Connect 1.0. The client needs to bypass all communication from


In the case of Strict firewall settings, if the domain unblocking doesn't work, then the client needs to unblock Adeptia Server IP for inbound connection which needs to be asked explicitly from Adeptia infrastructure/admin team.


Apart from this, there can be an SSL handshake issue too so there is a need to import the certificate of to client cacerts and client certificate to the connect server cacerts. Also, if there is a Connect Reset error on Adeptia connect portal then this is due to the non-working of server This can be verified by pinging the server as this is an intermittent issue that is caused due to connectivity with the server.

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