Error migrating Process flow when column au_json content is null.


While migrating a PF it is throwing an error and although it says export successful. All the activities after this are skipped. How can we resolve this error?



Error while parsing JSON corresponding column au_json for the table: AU_POSITIONALSCHEMA

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument "content" is null.



This issue is solved in the Adeptia Connect v3.4 and only comes with the older versions.

This issue is caused when the process flow has schemas and in those schemas, there is a null in column au_json for different tables like AU_POSITIONALSCHEMA, AU_TEXTSCHEMA, etc.


To solve this, the column has to be updated using the below JSON script:-


After this update, the export will be created as expected and all the activities will be exported. Also, there is a limitation with this workaround that the schema will be open and editable only from the Adeptia Connect Portal. It can't work with AIS or connect server.

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