Repositories are visible as encrypted in connect portal.


Data Encryption at rest is disabled in the environment but still, the repositories are all encrypted from the Connect Portal side. These repositories are visible correctly from the Connect server and also they are in plain text format in the web/repository folder.



This can be caused due to any of the below reasons:-

1. If the files are in decrypt form then maybe this issue is causing due to the browser in use. Kindly clear the browser cache, use it in incognito mode, or use another browser.

2. It can be caused if there is any restriction or encryption over text/html data (response from Connect Server to Adeptia Connect Portal) from the firewall, the JSP response (text/html data) coming from AIS is encrypted, so need to verify whether the firewall has something to do with this or not.

3. This issue is caused when there is an issue in the Certificate configuration between Connect Portal and Connect Server. Previously this issue was faced and solved after configuring the certificate and http and https scheme correctly.

4. If the above steps don't work then after further analysis, it is found that the response received at Portal nodes from Connect Server load balancer is compressed using the gzip content-encoding. This can be resolved by placing the attached Router. class file. This file will read the compressed content and decompress it before sending it to GUI. This updated class needs to placed at the below location in the Adeptia installation directory:-


Also, for resolving the issue effectively without depending on the class file, the compression at the AIS load balancer needs to be turned off. Since the issue is caused due to the input provided by the Load balancer to Tomcat then turning off its setting is needed.


Note:- This class file is for Adeptia 3.2 version.

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