Invalid login authentication error when updating the activity.

Scenario: While invoking a Web service provider or updating a project, we are getting errors of invalid login. Below is the error trace logged in Kernel Application logs:-

2021-01-12 07:29:20,161 ERROR [Flow Thread(010147107053161045455821700112)] system - category="auth" message="Login error[Invalid UserID or Password or Group]" nodeName="localhost"
2021-01-12 07:29:20 java.lang.Exception: Invalid UserID or Password or Group


Cause: The issue generally occurs when the objects are migrated to some different users at the Target Environment. So, here the Ws Provide activity fails as it belongs to the wrong user and group.


Solution: Re-migrate all the Ws Provider activities using Non Interactive mode and move them to their specific User and Group.

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