API call to check if a transaction exists for a Partner based on the Partner Parameter.

Requirement:- There is a need to check if a transaction exists for a Partner based on the Partner Parameter.



Solution:- This can be achieved using the below steps:-

1. GoTo the Transactions Tab, and in the advanced search option, check for the Partner Name parameter as per the attached screenshot. 

2. Use the Ctrl+Shift+I option so that the Network tab is open for this page of Transaction. After this step, provide the Partner Parameter as per requirement (ID in this use case) and in condition use the 'EQUALS' method and choose the value as defined for this parameter in the Partner(IDENTITY is used in this case).


3. After providing details in the previous step and click on the search option the response in the Network Tab results in complete URL, method, request header, Response, and JSON payload in the information of this search operation. Below is the screenshot for the same too:-



4. Also, in the JSON payload, the below format can be found:-

jsonData: "{"advanceSearch":{"operator":"AND","searchedEntity":"transaction","searchEntities":[{"transactionType":"partner parameter","name":"partnerParameter","attribute":11538715353290,"condition":"equals","primaryEntity":"","value":"IDENTITY"}],"useDefaultSearchEngine":false}}


This attribute and ID represent parameter value (ID in this use case) that is unique and can be used for calling API.

So, for API calls for the searching transaction based on the Partner parameter, use payload, a unique ID that is an attribute ID, method as POST, REST URL that is found from the request header, etc.

Also, in these API calls, there is a need for Access Token too for the Authentication purpose. This Token can be generated using the below docs:-



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