Relative and Absolute Path For FTP.

Situation:- There is a requirement to know about the Absolute and Relative Path for FTP. Basically, the confusion is about the default landing page for FTP activities.


Solution:- The complete information and use case for Absolute and Relative Path for FTP activity is as below:-


Firstly, when login in using FileZilla then it always landing on a default directory as an example "/Home/y1030497". This default directory is defined for the user when it tries to login into the FTP server. After this, the user needs to come back to the root directory (/) and then search for a folder path where the file is placed (example:- /Distribution / LSA_IT / AZIMUT). File Zilla is a GUI tool that works only for SFTP but using Adeptia, this functionality can't be expected.

In the Adeptia code, the relative and absolute paths are taken care of from the root directory. In this scenario, by default directory is "/Home/y1030497" for the user, and then Adeptia searches for a path (/Distribution / LSA_IT / AZIMUT/Backup) by appending this to the default directory.  The complete path where Adeptia searches for a file is like below:-

 /Home/y1030497/Distribution / LSA_IT / AZIMUT/Backup


This is expected behavior and In such a scenario, modify the root landing directory for the user as this is easy to do while setting up an FTP server or create the directory by appending the default directory to directory structure /Distribution / LSA_IT / AZIMUT/Backup as per the requirement.


For FTP Event and FTP source the absolute file path is getting set like "(/Home/Y1030497/Distribution/LSA_IT/AZIMUT/Outbound/Backup)" and relative path for same is "(/Distribution/LSA_IT/AZIMUT/Outbound/Backup)". 

When we try to connect using relative path then we append the default directory that is "/Home/y1030497" to convert to the absolute path and then try to search for file and directory.

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