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Database triggers


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  • David Paras

    Solution 1:

     As per our investigation it seems that there must be trigger present in your database i.e. resulting in the insertion of duplicate records in the “dbEventTriggerTable”. It seems that in your case the Trigger Name in “SQL Trigger” field and the “SQL Trigger Name” field weren’t same at some point of time. In this case the trigger will be activated successfully and will work fine but it results into issues when the trigger is Deactivated. The trigger will be deactivated from Adeptia but it will still remain in the database and consequently resulting in records in the “dbEventTriggerTable”. Please try the below steps that might help you to resolve this:

    1. Deactivate all the Database Events.

    2. Go to the Database where dbEVentTriggerTable is created. Drop all the triggers that you have created through Adeptia.

    3. Activate all the required Database events.

    Solution 2:

    If you are using Adv. Database Schema along with DatabaseEvent when “EventContextEnabled” is True then we would suggest you to use “SQL Query” Field in the database event. Refer to the section Home > Creating Trigger and Events > Creating Database Event in Developer Guide.


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