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XML Validator - XPath expression



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    David Paras

    Enter XPath would only validate the XML file path position. It would not be able to perform any filtering respective to the condition as in your condition it would not filter the nodes using /node/item[price>0.00] or node/item[price>0.00] but it would only take the XPath as "node/item" and for filtering as per your conditions then you have to pass it through Data Mapping.

    Here's more information regarding the XML Validator

    The XML Validator activity is used under conditions where you need to validate the source respective to the xml syntax. You can place the XML file in the XML Validator and if it does not match the XSD, the XML Validator activity would fail and the Process Flow would abort. Also this activity is used when you want to validate any portion of the XML stream.

    "Validate XML" checkbox in XML schema would validate the XML against an XSD file during execution. It works only when you use an XSD file to create the XML schema activity. In addition, this schema activity must be used in the process flow (which is generally not required in case of XML format).

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