Passing Form values from one task to another

One of the questions that often comes up is that how do we pass parameters entered in the fields of one form to the next.

For example: in the On Boarding workflow, an employee information is entered by the first workflow form, and then this information needs to be passed to the next workflow task form.

The way you can pass values from one form to the next is by entering the variable name inside the name form attribute.

Here's how:
WorkFlow task form 1:
- Employee Name : suppose the field name in this Text field HTML tag is empname.
>> Employee Name : input type=text name=empname value=""

Workflow task form 2:
- Employee Name : here you will enter empname as the name of this text field
>> Employee Name : input type=text name=empname

So if the Employee Name entered in the first form is John Smith, the second form will display this value in the Employee Name field automatically.

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