Calling SQL Scripts through custom plugin

If you want to run existing SQL scripts as part of the process flow execution then use the following steps:

1. Copy the contents of the attached custom plugin and create a new custom plugin activity by going to Configure > Extensions > Custom Plugin and paste the content of the file into this activity.
2. Create a DB Info activity in the Adeptia application by going to Configure > Services > Connector > DB Info
3. Copy the DB Info Entity ID by clicking on the activity name and copying the ID from the popup window.
4. Paste the entity ID of the DB Info activity in the variable (in custom plugin)

String databaseInfoId = "";

5. Paste the absolute path of the SQL script in the variable (in custom plugin)

String sqlScriptPath = "";

6. Now create a Process Flow, and place the custom plugin activity between the Start and End node. Connect the nodes with sequence flow arrow (from the pallate).
7. Double click on the custom plugin in the process flow and go to the properties panel below and make the Consume and Generate stream properties to false.
8. Save and now Run the process flow. Refer to Developer guide to find out how to run a process flow.

You can put this custom plugin as one of the steps anywhere in the process flow.

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