Adeptia PDF Adapter: Creating form based PDF files

Please find the attached solution for generating form based PDF files.

1. “” is the environment promotion zip. You need to deploy the object through environment promotion through Migration Utility. Refer to Migration Utility guide on how to do the migration.

2. “” contains :

i) “To Populate PDF Form.docx” doc file which have details to export the XML file from PDF file and to create different activities required for the process flow.

ii) “ConvertXMLtoPDF.class” file which need to place at the location “\ServerKernel\customClasses”. Restart kernels.

iii) “PDF Sample” file which need to extract at location “C:/” drive. This is the file structure which have file location for different files.

iv) “PopulatePDFform_ProcessFlow.pdf” is the PDF file which have description of the main Process Flow.


Here's more information about the solution:

Design time

- During design time user will open the template PDF form in Acrobat Pro (this toll supports the creation of PDF form)

- User will fill the form with test values (ensure export XML has all fields)

o The xml rendition is needed so that users can then create a mapping between the source data and pdf form fields.

- User will use Acrobat Form>Data Manger option to export the Form Data as XML

- Use this XML to create XML Schema in Adeptia

- Create a Map in Adeptia between the source and this XML schema.

Run time (Adeptia process execution)

- At run-time the output of this Mapping will be passed to Adeptia’s PDF utility which will map the actual source data into the pre-defined PDF template and create a new file.

- Adeptia’s solution supports any PDF form.

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