Automatically convert Excel into PDF

There is an easy way to automatically convert any excel in your directory system into PDF. Follow the these steps:

1. Download the attached and place the files into the 'ext' folder under serverkernel folder. If the ext folder is not present then create one. See image below.

NOTE: The attached jxcell.jar is the sample/trial jar file. To download the latest jar file you can visit

C:\Program Files\AdeptiaSuite\AdeptiaServer-5.2\ServerKernel\ext


2. Now copy the contents of the attached pdf_converter_code.txt and paste it into a custom plugin activity. See image below.


3. Create a dummy File Source activity. See image below.


4. Create a process flow and place the file source, custom plugin and put-context variable as shown in the image below. Put-context variable is needed to dynamically set the process flow description with file path and name so that it is shown in the logs for tracking purposes. Drag the put-context from the Action category in the Process Designer and double click on it. And create a variable as shown in the image below.




5. Create a File Event. As shown in the image below. and use the Event Registry to attach it to the process flow. In File Trigger advanced properties check the Trigger Process Flow in Sequence property.




6. Execute the flow and check the files getting created in the folders.

The plugin will create the files in the same folder from where it is picking up the excel files. You can modify the code to change the target file location if needed,

7. You can go to File Event, select the Event and click on Trigger Now. And then go to My Monitor > Events to check the status of the transactions converting the excel files into PDF.




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