Integrating with Java Program

Q1: How do integrate with Java classes/JARs in Adeptia?

When you are trying to integrate java classes with jars in adeptia and want to do some implementation (e.g. Use these jars in custom plug-in), then you need to follow below steps:

• Put the relevant Jars in ext folder (“C:\Program Files\AdeptiaSuite\AdeptiaServer-5.2\ServerKernel\ext”).

• Restart the Kernel and Web-Runner.

Then you are able to use these jars in adeptia.

Q2. How do use custom classes in Adeptia?

You need to placing these classes in the customClasses folder (“C:\Program Files\AdeptiaSuite\AdeptiaServer-5.2\ServerKernel\customClasses”) and restart the Kernel and Web runner. Also if the methods used in these classes are static then these methods will appear into data mapping and you will be able to use these methods in data mapping by passing the parameters.

When you place these classes into customClasses folders then you are able to call those methods in Custom Plugin by creating the object of that class.

Note: You must use “public” access modifier of methods in your custom code instead of using private, protected etc. If you are using private, protected access modifier in custom code then Adeptia will not execute this custom code.

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