Automatic detection of change in the DB Schema

Objective: Custom Plugin to identify change in the db schema before processing the data

Details :

  • This custom plugin will take db schema Id as input variable(as context variable) and it will check the column count present in schema xsd  and in the database table.
  • If count is equal than it will match the column name present in schema xsd to database table.
  • After the custom plugin activity put a gateway to check the following condition:


 String exceptionMessage = context.get("exceptionMessage");



                                                return true;


                                                return false;



 If condition satisfies than the process flow will go forward and if not than exceptionMessage variable  will set in the context with the proper mismatch message and with proper mismatch data.

  • Put a put-context-var activity before the custom plugin activity and set a db schema id  with name “SchemaId.


Please find the attached custom plugin for identifying change in db schema before processing the data.

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