Setting multiple context variable in parent flow

We can pass single/multiple context variable from Child process flow to Parent Flow by using attached Custom Plugin.

Use this Plugin in the Child Flow and set the variables in both the Process Flow's as defined in Plugin.

Please refer below pluginscript or attached Plugin.txt for more details:

import java.util.*;
import com.adeptia.indigo.system.*;
import com.adeptia.indigo.utils.*;

ObjectAddress objectAddress = (ObjectAddress) context.getParentContextAddress();
if (objectAddress != null) {
	Context parentContext = (Context) MBeanUtils.getMBeanProxy(objectAddress, Context.class);
	if (parentContext != null) {
		// use this statement multiple times depending upon the number of variables to be set in parent process flow
		// if you need to set 4 parameters in parent flow, use this statement 4 times (with different values of parentVarName and childVarName)
		// "parentVarName" represent variable name in parent process flow, "childVarName" represents variable name in child flow whose value needs to be set in parent process flow
		// for example : map.put("PolicyNumber", context.get("PolicyNumber"));
		parentContext.put("parentVarName", context.get("childVarName"));


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