How to specify parameters for a custom plugin


I am attempting to use the CP_DataSplitter plugin. I am using a Put-Context-Var to specify the splitXPath and splitSize for the CP_DataSplitter activity, but the plugin is still attempting to use the default values. What is the correct way to specify the parameter values?



This can be easily achieved by following the below steps. We have taken an example of over-riding a FileLocation variable you can similarly use it for sourceXPath and splitSize variables.

1. We have created a variable "TestVar" in the table and defined it in the CustomPlugin with service.getValueByName("TestVar").
2. The value defined for "TestVar" in table is a variable named "FileLocation" that is written as $$FileLocation$$. 

4. Go to Process Flow Designer and use Put Context Var activity in it.
5. Create a new context variable and provide Variable Name as "FileLocation" and the value that you want to set for that variable.

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