Undefine context variable at run time


A custom node (adeptiatesttarget) checks for all processflowcontext variable called AdeptiaAttr<AttrName> (<attrName> is any suffix).

This is done for logging purpose in a custom system

Suppose that as first step i set a flow variable called AdeptiaAttrPar1 and then i execute the custom node, if in the next step i want send another trace using AdeptiaAttrPar2 and I won't trace AdeptiaAttrPar1. It can be done if i can undefine AdeptiaAttrPar1.

So my question is: It is possible to undefine a flow variable in a process flow at runtime?



You can use the following code within a custom plugin to undefine or remove a process flow variable from context at run-time


Ex: context.remove("AdeptiaAttrPar1");

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