Wild Cards in File & FTP Event

Suppose one folder ‘i.e. root’ has five Subfolders in parallel

|-- customername1
|-- customername2
/root ----------|-- customername3
|-- customername4
|-- customername5

Each subfolder further has subfolders:



|-- upload1


User can use following parameter in file event

File Base Location: /root
File Include Criteria: */*/*/manifest.xml


First * is for all folders at same level of customername1
Second * is for all folders at the level of upload1
Third * is for all folders at the level of cd1

The above File Include Criteria is defined assuming that the manifest.xml file will always be on the same hierarchy level (e.g. manifest.xml).

Now if there are chances the manifest.xml file can be in other hierarchy, for example in Upload1 folder or in Customername1 folder, then you need to define File Include Criteria for each level separated by comma.

For Example:


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