Error: GC overhead limit exceeded

In some cases, you may see the following message:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

This error occurs when the load on the Adeptia server exceeds the point where the server will perform successfully,  given the existing memory allocation.

There are a few options to resolve this issue:

A) Increase the memory currently allocated to the Adeptia Kernel. Please follow the instructions within this forum post: While increasing Adeptia Kernel memory, please make sure that there is free physical memory left over for the system. The Garbage Collection message can also occur if all memory is in use and there is not enough free memory available for the operating system.

B) Reduce the concurrent workload by turning on the Queue Processor and setting a limit on how many concurrent process flows can be executed by the server at the same time. Please refer to the developer's guide for more information on the Record Queue Processor. One thing to consider with this approach is that it will slow down the processing and jobs will have to wait to be triggered. However, if the concurrent value is low enough it will prevent the server from overloading the available memory.

C) Deploy another Adeptia production server. This can be done in a clustered mode or as a separate setup. Within a separate instance, setup would require some existing process flows to be redeployed from the original server to the new Adeptia server.

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