Error in Excel-to-AS/400 DB2 conversion

Issue: When using a mapping involving an AS400 Database, you may come across this error

Error in SQL Query.[SQL7008] CUS in CONVERT not valid for operation.


This occurs because the table you are trying to update is not being journalled, and your update is being run within a transaction.

There are a number of ways of resolving this problem:

  • switch off Options > Run SQL > Safe Update Mode. When Safe Update mode is selected, AQT will run Updates and Deletes within a transaction.
  • ensure Options > Technical Parameters > Auto Commit is checked.
  • if you are using DB2/Connect, ensure that AutoCommit is set to Yes. This is configured with the DB2 Configuration Assistant.
  • If you are using DB2 Client Access Express, set the Commit mode to Commit immediate (*NONE ). This is configured on the ODBC Configuration for your Datasource.


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