Interactive boot failed

Error: Adeptia application is unable to read the recovery file on application re-start as it is corrupted. Here is the stack trace for this exception:

Interactive boot failed: Could not read recovery status from file:010001001160132440249801100438!010001001083134042830617597085:null


Cause: There are corrupt recovery file(s) present inside "ServerKernel/recovery" folder which won't allow the Adeptia Kernel to boot up properly. A possible cause of the corruption is that the Adeptia application was in the process of creating the recovery file, when the java.exe process was killed from task manager.

Solution: If you encounter this exception in Adeptia application, then in prior versions of Adeptia Suite (before v5.3) it doesn't allow Adeptia Kernel to boot up properly while in status of application in "Services" will be displayed as "Started". If you try to stop this service (after it encountered above exception), it will time-out and won't stop. To resolve it, you have kill all the java instances (java.exe) from the task manager and delete corrupt recovery file(s) present inside "ServerKernel/recovery" folder and start the services again.

The above issue is fixed in v5.3 where Kernel shall always boot up even if recovery fails (due to corrupt recovery file).

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