Unable to migrate an individual activity

Error: When attempting to migrate an individual activity using the migration utility in silent mode, you may come across this error:



Cause: This may be caused by the system java installation being out of date


Solution: Adeptia ships with its own java installation, so follow these steps to run the command using the java provided by Adeptia

1) Navigate to the installation directory of Adeptia
2) Go to the jre directory > bin folder
3) Execute the following command:

./java -jar <Adeptia Installation Directory>/AdeptiaSuite/AdeptiaServer-5.2/ServerKernel/MigrationUtility/Migration.jar -export  <Adeptia Installation Directory>/AdeptiaSuite/AdeptiaServer-5.2/ServerKernel/MigrationUtility/export.xml

Note: Remember to use the ./java command.

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