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Date is not in proper format



  • David Paras


    I have an excel file as source and designed excel schema in UI, created a target file, target schema. I am facing problem converting string column in excel to date in output excel. In UI when I hit the test button, it's throwing errors.

    Here is a sample error record


    <SourceRecord recordNumber="1">a,01/05/13,sai,20130220</SourceRecord>


    Date is not in proper format, field name = generaltoDate and value = 20130220 for defined format MM/dd/yyyy.



    In source excel I have a column value as 20130220 and in target I am expecting it to be 02-20-1998 in target, but it's throwing the above error. How to achieve this?

  • David Paras

    It looks like the defined input date format is MM/dd/yyyy, but you are passing yyymmdd. You can select this format in the input Excel schema.


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