Cannot establish connection Address already in use


Cannot establish connection to database: Address already in use


When running large volume of data through maps that have multiple functions, Windows does not close connections fast enough which causes the Network I/O exception.


Modify the following two values in the Windows registry –
1. The range of ports that Windows uses to open connections.
2. Second to close the ports faster.

(Details can be found at the link -

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    David Paras

    I have done the advised to change the port range and close ports.But we still face the issue "Cannot establish connection to database:Address already in use".

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    David Paras

    Here are the points that we had discussed in our today’s call:-

    a) The MaxUserPort Type” is now reduced to 65534 and “TcpTimedWaitDelay Data” to 300 in the windows registry. Starting the server will pick the new configuration changes.

    b) The “UnThrowable” exception in DataMapping occurs when Kernel stops while the transaction is in running state. This should not appear again until Kernel is explicitly stopped in such scenarios.

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