Issue with Mail Server


I get the following exception.

Error initializing activity MailNotification:NSN_master_mailer:19216812200113
5038843033000144[Failed to connect to mail server.Either mail server is not available or host/port/username/password parameters are invalid.]


Verify the mail server parameters are correct.

Administer > Setup > Application Settings > Update System Properties > Systems > Server Mail Server Parameters



The values that needs to be configured for the following Property Names :


1. MailProtocol (Mail Protocol For Ex:Smtp/Mapi)


2. mailServer (Mail Server Address/Exchange Server) like


3. Domain (Domain in case of Mapi Protocol)


4. CDOHostName (CDO Host Name/IP in case of Mapi)


5. systemAdminEmailId (System Admin Email Id)


6. mailServerUserId (Mail Server UserId)


7. mailServerPassword (Mail Server Password)


8. mailsubject (Mail Subject)


9. abpm.notification.mailNotification.sslEnabled (Enable SSL)


10. abpm.notification.mailNotification.port (Mail Server Port)


11. abpm.changePasswordNotification.sendNewPassword (Sending new password in mail on password change)


Atlast Save it and reload the configuration.

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