Namespace on non-root element


I’ve just updated to Adeptia ESB 5.3 and noticed that when I open the data mapper for one of my transforms, it doesn’t seem to correctly recognize namespaces on non-root elements.

In the source tree, only the root element is qualified with the namespace prefix “ht:”

When I double click any source node the XPath produced also only has the namespace prefix on the root node.

If I manually add the prefix, I get an error when trying to save the mapping rule:




In Adeptia Suite v5.2, we were not taking care of elementFormDefault="unqualified" property. Ideally according to this property, the namespace should be bound to root node only and had to qualify all the nodes with the namespace prefix.

This issue is fixed in 5.3



Please follow the below steps:--

1. Open the XSD “Mortara_HolterStatistics.xsd” in a notepad.
2. Change the line elementFormDefault="unqualified" to elementFormDefault="qualified"
3. Save the XSD.
4. Create the schema with the new XSD.
5. Now Open the mapping.

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