Windows service installation issue

Issue: We have installed Adeptia in our test environment. However, we had issues
having the two primary services run and authenticate using our AD service
account, called _SVC_Adeptia. We have added this account to the server so
it has local server admin rights.



It seems there is some issue with JSL (Java Service Launcher), a third party API that Adeptia uses to create and register window services. We request you to try below steps and it should work for you.

1. Install a new build using window service without specifying any account while installation in the installation wizard.
2. Check whether Services window (Services.msc in Run) are showing Adeptia Kernel and Webrunner as registered services.
3. Right click on each of the service, click Properties and click “Log On” tab.
4. Browse the correct locations and correct username for “This account” radio button. Make sure the account name should look like : UserName@DomainName.
5. Apply the settings, now the services are installed and registered in the domain service account.
6. Restart the Machine and check if Adeptia is running. You can again go to Services window to make sure that these services are running from you proposed account.

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