Unable to access WS Provider WSDL


Our .Net developers are trying to dynamically access an Adeptia-hosted web service WSDL.

We are running a WS Provider on secure port 443. Within Adeptia, if I click on the link to view the WS Provider WSDL, it takes me to port 8080 which is the GUI port and not the web services port and the connection times out.

If I attempt to access the WSDL using the URL of the web service, "uadev.test.com/wsx/services/testWebServices_test_WsProvider?wsdl", I get an empty page and Internet Explorer displays this error:

The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.



1. Open the WSDL definition by clicking on the web service provider name in manage page. Check the url that is appearing. If the url contains port 8080 then you are correct that your WSDL is opening on 8080 port. The only possibility could be that the service is created prior to a patch installation.

2. Adeptia by default accepts IP ( as you can see in the url that appears in view definition) and we can see that you are using public address (i.e. uadev.test.com ) in your url. We hope you have provided this public address name under “abpm.webserver.public.address” in Administer -- > Setup -- > Application Settings -- > Update System Properties -- > Web Server .

3. Log in into Adeptia Suite in secure mode, edit the WS provider and save this Provider activity.



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