Unable to start Embedded HSQL database


When attempting to start the Kernel, we are receiving the following error within the KernelApplication.log

Interactive boot failed: com.adeptia.indigo.services.ServiceException: Unable to start Embedded HSQL database indigo at port 2476


This error appears when the back-end database used by Adeptia is unable to start-up correctly. Usually, this is due to the database not being shut down completely before attempting to restart that Adeptia Kernel


For Windows -

1) Stop the Adeptia Kernel

2) Open the task manager window

3) Kill the existing Java.exe processes (Also any jsl.exe processes if you are running Adeptia as a Windows Service)

4) Start the Adeptia Kernel

For Linux -

1) Run the stop.sh command

2) Search for existing Java processes

ps aux | grep java

3) Kill the existing Java processes

4) Run the startup.sh command

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