After Server Reboot, unable to activate triggers


After a server reboot last night we are no longer able to activate triggers in our Adeptia system. I'm able to manually Trigger process flows within the calendar, but am unable to activate so they will run at the scheduled times.

javax.servlet.ServletException: Error in activating Calendar Event "generic_batch_import_NIGHT(010177098123135947616091000002)": java.lang.NullPointerException

When checking if the scheduler is running (Administer > Maintenance > Scheduler), I receive a "Scheduler Not Configured" message:



There is some issue with the scheduler which is why you are able to trigger flows manually, but not with the events previously set. It's possible the database wasn't properly shutdown before the machine was rebooted, causing some error on restart.


1) Make sure all java.exe processes are killed

2) Restart the Adeptia Kernel

3) Restart the Adeptia Webrunner

4) Verify the triggers can be activated


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