Human Work flow Error - ResourceNotFoundException


We have a Human interaction workflow scenario in which a specific User is Supposed to login in with his UserID/Password to Adeptia application and approve a task.

The approval can be made by clicking open on the task which opens a new html window and has the approval button in it.

When I tried to open on the action it throws the following error. Not Found



It seems that you have not migrated the Rich forms folder in your new environment due to which this error is thrown.



Copy the folder(RichForms) ".\AdeptiaSuiteOldEnv\AdeptiaSuite-5.3\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\" from your old environment and place this on the new environment on same location i.e. ".\AdeptiaSuiteNewEnv\AdeptiaSuite-5.3\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\".

We recommend you to use OfflineMigration option of Migration Utility for performing any migration/deployment of objects because this will ensure that all the related files and objects will be moved in the migration itself and there is no need of manually placement of these files/folders.

Please refer OFFLINE Migration section on Page 44 of below Migration Utility User Guide:

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