View Archive logs throws 500 error


When I go to History > Process Flow Log, select the View Archive box, and click Details an error occurs:

From the webrunner.log file, an error is being thrown:

ERROR [qtp429231097-38] org.hdpagination.web.servlet.PaginationServlet org.hdpagination.web.servlet.PaginationServlet.exceptionFound( - Error happened when processing request
org.hdpagination.core.PaginationException: Pagination Query execution failed.



Incorrect driver being used to connect to the archive log database


If you are using SQL server as your log Database, check the pagination property for archival and verify that the driver specified there is for SQL. If it is not, than  you need to change this driver class.

Change the highlighted part of your with org.hdpagination.dataaccess.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServer2005JdbcQueryTemplate

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