FTP Trigger unable to completely execute


We have a FTP trigger in our that isn't firing completely. When it is inactive I click 'Trigger Now' and then it gets stuck. It has a green check mark beside it (like its activated) and says that the next time that it will fire is 40 minute ago.


If you save and activate an event with J2SCH(VFS) option by mistake the event hangs on trigger. After that if you try to change the option to J2SSH by deactivating and editing the same trigger it does get refreshed with new option and no process gets triggered.


  1. Deactivate the FTP event that is hung.
  2. Edit it and Save As the same activity with the same configuration but different name. This will create a new FTP activity with the new name.
  3. Bind this newly created FTP event in Event Registry with the same Process Flow.
  4. Activate the new FTP Event.
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