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We are receiving a ‘communication failure’ error messages from several screens in our development install of Adeptia 6.0. We are not experiencing the issue in production. Both servers and installs are identical, so that leads us to believe it is a network issue, but we are not sure what 2 servers the communication issue is between:

-the server that the app is installed on

-the server that the dB is installed on

-the PC/VM that the browser session is running on

Also, none of the PF’s are running when this is happening, so it does not seem to be a resource/memory issue. We are only trying to navigate from screen to screen or open/edit a map/event/partnership when it happens. We are not seeing any errors in the Kernel or WebRunner logs. Can you point us in the right direction or is there another level of debugging that we could turn on to see if that might help shed some clues?




This issue is generally due to the connection between the server Adeptia is installed on and the server back-end database is installed on.


1) You can also check if the kernel is running, as the error occurs when the web interface isn't able to connect to the back-end database.

 2) Increase the value of the property abpm.httprequest.connection.timeout that you can find in GUI of Adeptia under Setup>>>Application Settings>>>WebServer.

Restart the Adeptia Services after increasing the value. Default value is 60000 (milliseconds) and you can increase by double or greater.

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