Premature end of file using database query


We are facing an issue while splitting source file with 10000 records, but it is putting an error message - "Premature end of file"


The DB Select Query used in the data mapper may return multiple values from the database and the target field "Material_id" expects a single value that could result into the issue of "Premature end of file".



For resolving this issue there are two possible ways. One is to modify your DB query used in data mapper so that it will return a single value from the database. Or you can change the third input Boolean value of the DB Query to 'False' in the Data Mapper that will always return a top value from the ResultSet of the DBQuery. The DBQuery with value false should be like this :

"DBQuery{Select material_transformation from product_master_lookup where material_id='$Input_bhi_inventory_ops_schema/Root/Record/Material_ID',$conn_Info ,'false'}"

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