Problem making connection with wsdl file location


I received an error when attempting to import our SOAP web service WSDL’s using the Consumer functionality within Adeptia 6.0 ESB. I had a similar issue with 5.3, is there a workaround for creating a consumer when the WSDL’s and associated XSD file references are all located on a physical disk (no public HTTP URI)?


Problem in making connection with wsdl file location:Error in reading WSDL file


Please place these associated wsdl and XSD's in any directory of your local machine say "web/soapWSDL/abc.wsdl". Then in the WSDL from which you are creating the Consumer change the http location to "web/soapWSDL/abc.wsdl" this instead of providing complete location like " C:\Program Files\AdeptiaSuite\AdeptiaSuite-6.0\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\wsdl\test.wsdl"


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