Data Mapping - java.lang.NullPointerException


I'm trying to build a data mapper that uses two different excel target schema's with only one source schema. In this instance we are using a specific value to determine what schema the data needs to write to. Both Schema's are loaded to the map and are mapped to the source data. The root level on both schemas is where I am the filtering is to determine what schema should be used. It's basically if a value equals true use schema 1 if not true use schema 2. The mapping works when either schema 1 or 2 is removed and ran separately but it fails when both are combined.

Error in execution for activity DataMapping:PlaceholderMap:192168010030136450186799800142[Error in execution : java.lang.NullPointerException]






The process flow had been designed for a single output but your mapping has two output schemas. Therefore, when the process flow is executed the mapping cannot identify the second schema leading to the nullpointerexception.



To correct this, you'll need to modify the flow to allow for a second schema and target.

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