Migration Utility - Configuration files


When using the migration utility to running a restore command (offline migration), we receive the following error

Error Stack Trace
java.lang.Exception: Unable to restore configuration file.
at com.adeptia.migration.RunMigration.invokeRestore(RunMigration.java:4082)
at com.adeptia.command.ExportImport.ExportImportCMDUtil.restoreBackup(ExportImportCMDUtil.java:1186)
at com.adeptia.Main.main(Main.java:373)

Also, when providing the import zip location we see this message

"Unable to find any datafiles in the source data."



Your import zip doesn't contain the Adeptia configuration files. This is either caused by importing a zip that only has the Adeptia database or an improperly generated zip.


When the build location is asked you are passing path up to ServerKernel i.e. "/usr/local/bin/AdeptiaSuite/AdeptiaServer-5.2/ServerKernel " while creating Export zip and also while importing


Passing the path of Adeptia Suite only up to "/usr/local/bin/AdeptiaSuite/AdeptiaServer-5.2"

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