Rich Forms not migrated


When we deploy the objects containing rich forms an error message is displayed in migration logs and the objects are not deployed.

Error:While performing deployment.Reason: Logout failed:
Attempting to rollback the changes.
Error during Deploy. Connection refused
        Error Stack Trace
------------------------------------------ Logout failed:
    at com.frevvo.forms.client.FormsService.logout(
    at com.adeptia.migration.ExportImportUtil.importFrevoForms(
    at com.adeptia.migration.RunMigration.handleXMLtoDB(
    at com.adeptia.migration.RunMigration.handleXMLtoDB(
    at com.adeptia.migration.RunMigration.invokeImport(
    at com.adeptia.command.ExportImport.ExportImportCMDUtil.importObjects(
    at com.adeptia.Main.main(
Caused by: Connection refused
    at Method)
    at Source)




The WebRunner was not running during the migration



Ensure the Adeptia WebRunner is running during the migration

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