Can't save existing data maps


We are getting a java error on every 210 map we try to create where it is look for $Input_XML_214_Schema. This just started last Friday. When we try to save the map we get a -1 error and cannot save it. This is just for the 210s. The 214s work and save just fine.

org.apache.xml.utils.WrappedRuntimeException: Could not find variable with
the name of Input_XML_214_Schema_from_DB


I have looked thru the XSL tab and the code. I cannot find where the
variable of Input_XML_214_Schema_from _DB is trying to be used.

I created a new XML schema, created a new map and I am still getting the
above error. This is happening on all of our 210 maps including our
pre-process maps and others such as 990, etc.



Whenever there is an issue with all of your mappings, the cause is usually related to a value map. In this case, a value map is using the variable "Input_XML_214_Schema_from_DB". Where the "Input_XML_214_Schema_from_DB" variable is being used in a value map and that variable is only available in the Data Mappings that use the Input_XML_214_Schema_from_DB Schema



Remove the variable/schema reference " Input_XML_214_Schema_from_DB" from the value map.

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