Hex value 85 for the segment terminator


We are having trouble using the hex value 85 for the segment terminator in our EDI ISA Outbound Envelopes.



When using this value, we get the proper output in the ISA, ST, SE, and IEA segments. We get a '?' on all other elements.



The encoding setting of the log database is incorrect


1) Change the JDBC URL for log database in Adeptia Configuration File (server-configure.properties) to add character setting string

Example: jdbc:mysql://localhost/adeptialogs?characterEncoding=utf8

 2) Recreate the log database in MySQL with collation selected as “utf8 – default collation”


You can find more information about creating the log database here

- http://support.adeptia.com/entries/21925722-Moving-Log-Database-on-SQL-Server-MYSQL-Oracle

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