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I have a process flow that was exported from our 5.3 server and then imported into our new 6.2 server. It is triggered by an FTP trigger. It got triggered this morning, then aborted. The diagnostics say:

Error initializing activity FtpSource:FTPSource_PROD:19216800503000000003[Unable to access file location ""test4.txt"",
Please check either provided file location is invalid or it doesn''t have required permission.]

The file name is the correct one, so there seems to be a disconnect between the trigger and the FTP source



The FTP connector type used while creating the connection to the FTP server needs to be corrected.

In Adeptia Suite 6.2 we have added a new API "Secured Inet Factory". "Secured Inet Factory" connector introduced in Adeptia 6.2 is more powerful API and is able to connect with most of the available FTP servers of all types (FTP, SFTP, FTPS). The logging of this API is also much enhanced, so it is very easy to debug in case of any issues.



1) Edit the FTP Source

2) Advanced Properties > Connector > Secured Inet Factory

3) Save the FTP source

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